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Q. How far ahead should I book in advance?

A. We understand that our customers do not always have the luxury of being able to provide significant notice periods. We love it when we receive at least a week's notice, however if you need work done quickly, please do not hesitate to contact us and enquire as to our availability!


Q. Why don't you have prices on your website?

A. As there are so many unknown variables to moving the contents of a house, the only way we could give you a price before speaking with you would be to inflate the price to cover all possibilities. We feel that this is not the best way to service our customers. In order to get the best price, please contact us or alternatively use our estimator form and we will give you a friendly, no obligation estimate.


Q. Are there any hidden fees or costs?

A. Our fixed prices mean just that! Fixed prices. If we tell you a job will cost this, provided all of the information you have given is complete and correct, then that is what you will be charged. You will not be stung with additional fees or charges outside of your initial quotation.


Q. Are Master Movers fully insured and what does your insurance cover?

A. Yes, Master Movers is a fully insured removalist service. Please visit our insurance section for more information.


Q. Will you still service me if I am outside of your standard service area?

A. In many cases we are willing to travel outside of our standard service area. To see if we can service you, please

contact us.


Q. What if the destination of my goods are outside of the service area?

A. Our service area is just a rough guide as to our locality. We understand that you may be moving from outside of our area into our area or vice versa. We are more than happy to accomodate for these scenarios.


Q. Am I charged a travel fee for distance from your depot to my premises?

A. In most cases we do not charge an independent travel fee. Your estimate will in most cases be all inclusive.


Q. Are there jobs which you consider "too big" or "too small"?

A. With Master Movers, there is definitely no job too big or too small! We can move anything from a piano stool, to a grand piano, to a shop filled with grand pianos!