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Paul de Bruin first entered the furniture removal industry at the tender age of 15 years old, back in 1981. The industry was a completely different beast back in the 80's and without the technical and procedural experience that Paul has since acquired, often things had to be done "the hard way". Years of conditioning and learning through experience has since moulded Paul to become a professional in his field.


One of the long time issues for the removalist industry and the public as a whole, has been careless attitudes from operators from within the industry. Large sums of money are lost annually in damage and lost goods during transit between premises, and this is where Paul would eventually decide to define his business. Through emphasis on quality and efficiency of service, Paul has made a clear niche for himself simply by providing a degree of service that the customer deserves, where many others have failed to deliver.


Master Movers is not all about one man however. Without our excellent team of workers, we could never have developed the reputation for quality service that we have since become known by. In more recent years, Paul's long time friend and driver manager has joined the team on a permanent basis, boosting further the efficiency and quality of work which Master Movers is able to provide.


As a company, we have grown to the point where we can now cater to all aspects of the removalist industry, providing all of your removal needs including storage, pre-packing, boxes, specialist capabilities such as grand pianos, balcony drops, antique furniture and pool tables.

One of the observations that Paul made over the years, working for various removalists, is that the efficiency of the removalist depended largely on the fitness of the removalist. A fit worker is usually capable of completing a task in a much more timely fashion, saving both the company and the customer money and valuable hours. It is for this reason that Master Movers would then become a strict "no smoking" organisation. Through emphasis on fitness and well being, we are able to not only look after our employees, but also provide a more efficient service to our customers.


After years of having moved everything from a ladder to a stone elephant statue (yes, this really happened), we can proudly boast thousands of satisfied customers, with many client-based referrals  coming through all of the time. We ask that anyone in search of a removalist for their valued property please consider the Master Movers' name, professionals of our industry.

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